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NameBlackBerry Aplikasi
SubjectaiSpot v2.4.15
MessageNEW VERSION! Includes Map View , multi-touch support for all maps (for touch-capable devices). Supports Italian and Russian!
aiSpot significantly extends tracking capabilities of your phone. Use it to:
record and export points (“Waypoints”)
record tracks (“Tracks”)
export tracks to a computer programs like Google Earth or to a compatiple GPS navigation device (“Tracks”)
view the path being covered, destination point, and a compass face, overlaid on the map that is constantly self-aligned according to the movement (“Map ”)
Control the direction and 6 preset parameters on a compass dial (“Compass “)
Control speed on an analog speedometer, preset speed limit and the sound alarm (“Speedometer”)
The aiSpot is fully compatible with BlackBerry® Maps. For example, you can select your destination on a map, send a link to a map with your current position indicated to your friends, or view a recorded GPS track overlaid on a map.
Find out why the aiSpot has a rating of a 2010 Super App Developer Challenge Regional Selection !
Google Maps support is LIMITED: only for viewing waypoints â€" not the tracks
Web Urlhttp://blackberryprogram.blogspot.com/2011/09/aispot-v2415.html

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