:: Moneybux SCAM!?

NameMoneybux SCAM!?
SubjectMoneybux SCAM!?
MessageHere at Moneybux you get paid just by completing simple tasks. We have advertisers that will pay you real cash money to simply view their websites! Earn $0.001 to $0.01 per click and up to 100% per referral click. You can request your payment when you have $1.00 instant payments through Alertpay, Paypal Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney & RoutePay. You can increase your earnings by referring other people and earn from every click of your referrals (unlimited direct referrals). Example of earnings You click 10 ads a day = $0.05 100 referrals click 10 ads a day = $5.00 You earn every month = $150.00
Web Urlhttp://www.moneybux.net/?ref=yongQ

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