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MessageYou have been hearing about something called “Frostwire” every now and them from your tech-savvy friends and wondering what it is. Am I Right? This article will tell you in details what “Frostwire” actually is. When we come to the point of system requirements for Frostwire, we can see that FrostWire will need a minimum of 128 MB of RAM, however preferably 256 MB is recommended. So now do you want to know about searching and downloading through Frostwire? It is very simple; you can directly put the name of the required file in the search box provided. All the files matching your search criteria will be displayed in the results window. After that, you can filter the files by size, type, speed or by the number of peers (i.e. users). Moreover, you can also control the number of searches according to your needs. Downloading these files is even simpler, just click on the file that you need and then the ‘download” button needs to be clicked. Now let’s talk a bit about the basic featured of Frostwire. Frostwire doesn’t just allow you to download and share files with other users, it also provides a group chat-room through which you can talk to other users in real-time. Not just this, Frostwire gives you superior safety and security features and also, you can put a filter to “spam” .with passage of sometime, FrostWire recognizes which files are appropriate and which ones are not. When the user thinks that Frostwire has started recognizing the appropriate files, then it can be instructed to hide all Spam results by going to Tools > Options > Filters > Spam. Frostwire also lets you manage encrypted transfer of files. It is faster than other free version of P2P softwares. It can also be linked to iTunes. So, with so many great features, user-friendly and freely availability, I believe Frostwire has a way to go. It surely is one of the best Peer-to=peer software available in market
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